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Simplify project management and task assignment with Toki!

Explore the steps below to start your workflow journey with Toki in Slack to save time and boost productivity!

Start by installing Toki directly from our website, , or find it in the Slack App Directory by searching for "Toki." Follow the steps, and let the magic happen.

Creating Projects in Slack with Toki

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    Open the Toki app in Slack and navigate to the App Home page

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    To create a project, click on the “Project” and select “Add Project” option from the list.

Add project
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    A modal window titled "Create Project" will appear. Here, you can input all the necessary project information in the Basic Options section, including the "Project Name," "Project Description," and "Project Members." Alternatively, you can click on "Advanced Options" to add more details. This includes linking the project to a specific channel, assigning priority labels, or specifying project members. To complete the project creation click on the “Submit” button.

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    The Project Manager and assigned Project Members will receive notifications in the "Message" tab of the app, informing them about the newly created project.

Create project

The next important step in managing your project is to create tasks. It will begin the workflow process for your team, helping everyone get started on their assigned work.

Creating Tasks in Slack with Toki

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    On the Toki Home page click on the “Task” and select the “Add Task” option from the list.

Add task
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    In the modal window labeled "Create Task," complete the following details: select the Project, write a Task Name, choose the due date and time, add the priority, add the task description, and select users assigned to this task. To submit the task click on the “Create Task” button.

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    Upon successful task creation, you’ll receive a notification in the "Message" tab, confirming the task assignment.

Create task

And there you have it! You've just laid the foundation for your project by creating your first task.

Task Tracking and Time Logging in Slack with Toki

Once you've completed a task, you can easily log the time you spent on it and mark it as complete.

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    On the Toki Home page click on the “Time” button and select the “Add Time” option from the list

Add time
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    In the "Add Time Log" modal window, you can select the "Project" and "Task" you worked on, and click the "Submit" button

Add time modal
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    Next, a "Log Time for Task" modal will appear, allowing you to specify the time spent in minutes, optionally add any notes, and choose to close the task upon submission

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    To save changes click on the “Submit” button

Log time for task

And, finally, here are the two steps that will enable you to effortlessly access your created tasks and projects within Toki

View Projects within Toki in Slack

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    Open Toki and navigate to the "App Home" page. Here, find the "Projects" button and select the "View Projects" option from the dropdown list

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    Once you're done, a list of your projects will promptly appear on the "Projects" page. where you will be able to find all necessary information about a particular project. Click on the right side of the menu, choose the options to view project details, edit or delete the project, add tasks, or view assigned tasks if you are in the Admin view. If you are in the User view you will be able to view project details, add tasks, or view assignments.

View projects

Access and Manage All Tasks in Slack with Toki

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    Click on the “Task”button, and select from the dropdown list the “View Tasks” option

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    Upon selecting "View Tasks," you'll be directed to the task list. Here, you have the flexibility to employ various filters to streamline your task management. You can filter tasks by creator, date, status, priority, and due date

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    Additionally, on the right-hand menu, you'll find options to view task details, check time logs, change task status, and edit tasks while you're in the User View

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    For those in the Admin View, you'll have additional capabilities. Alongside the user's view options, you can further filter tasks by assigned members and delete tasks

Manage tasks

These fundamental steps are the essential for getting started with Toki - the workflow management solution integrated with Slack. By following these instructions, you'll simplify your work processes, making them more efficient and effortless.

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