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Your Problem

  • Eve

    "I log into at least 5 programs everyday just to get my work done."

  • Carl

    "The software I use is so expensive and it still doesn't have the features I need."

  • Kim

    "The software I use doesn't integrate with anything else so I have to re-enter info."

  • Anne

    "The software I use has terrible support and I can't get help when I need it.”

  • Mike

    "I don't know what my team is working on or if it's being done properly or on time."

  • Bob

    “Client and employee time tracking for invoicing and payroll is such a hassle."

Our Solution

  • Eve

    Our all-in-one workflow management solution will reduce that number drastically with the option to integrate with other programs coming soon.

  • Carl

    We are constantly adding new and innovative features and always welcome feedback. All development is done in-house and if you need something, chances are so does someone else.

  • Kim

    Numerous integrations will be available so you can continue to use the programs you need.

  • Anne

    We offer superb support to you and your team by phone, email or live chat. Our Tombot chatbot can also provide some helpful tips and insight if you get stuck.

  • Mike

    Add multiple team members to projects and tasks to easily view who is working on what, the progress they've made and what remains.

  • Bob

    Our clock in and out feature makes employee payroll calculations a breeze. Additionally, time can be directly applied to tasks and client accounts for accurate invoicing.


Here's what better looks like.

Your business is unique, but the software solutions out there aren't. We feel your pain as many come with limited features, complicated user licenses and terrible support.

Well now there's "Toki" which is Japanese for "Time", and that's exactly what we give back to you with a ton of awesome features. We've designed a powerful workflow management system to help you complete your day to day operations more efficiently and with less error. With Toki reports, you'll never wonder where your business stands financially and can use this information to make strategic decisions to improve revenue.

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Take a Peek Inside

Easy to Use / Easy to Love

It all starts with an amazing dashboard to organize and prioritize each day. See what you've missed, what your team's achieved and what needs to get done.

  • Clock in and clock out
  • Precise Time Tracking
  • Calendar
  • Team
  • Client Portals
  • Project Discussions
  • Tasks
  • Progress Bar
  • Reminders
  • Team Rates
  • Invoice Clients
  • Manage Payments

Integrations, Integrations

@Assist Toki will soon integrate with some of the most popular accounting platforms out there, including: