Workflow Management & Accounting

Toki provides you with tools you need to increase productivity and revenue, collaborate with your team and reduce time and money spent on admin tasks. Toki lets you enhance and oversee your business' daily operations by managing your clients, team members, time, invoices, tasks, reports, files, expenses, finances, payments and more.


What does Toki do?

Toki helps you visualize productivity to see where your business stands at a glance. From project deadlines, invoices, reports and payments, to client conversations and birthdays, you’re able to organize and track it all within seconds. Not only does Toki provide a powerful business overview, it also allows you and your team to spot potential problems and rethink your workflow process to maximize efficiency.


Consistent and clear communication will help you in fostering client relationships, overall organization and increasing productivity.

  • Easily send messages to individual clients or all at once to save time.
  • Conveniently track your messages with our built-in messaging system.
  • Set important reminders that will appear on your team or client’s dashboard.


Organization helps you better focus on your business’s needs, communication, and reputation.

  • Control and organize the level of priority given to tasks and projects.
  • Easily create and assign projects to staff while overseeing their progress.
  • Directly upload documents to tasks and projects to create a digital filing cabinet.


Tracking and monitoring time is important to your business’s success, growth and overall productivity. Toki can help your business become more efficient and effective now.

  • Track and monitor your progress with the help of project productivity bars.
  • Easily visualize and prioritize tasks and deadlines on your monthly calendar.
  • Designate time to specific tasks and projects by directly clocking in and out.


Managing finances is an integral part of your business. Which is why with Toki we make it easy to update, monitor and manage your finances in one convenient location.

  • Easily send client invoices and record payments once received.
  • Automatically reconciling bank accounts to ensure your balance is correct.
  • Add income and expenses to projects or your personal account for accurate records.

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Whether you want to save time and money, increase productivity and organization, or you just want an awesome system you can depend on to make your work easier, Toki is the right choice for you.

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Our Commitment to You

We are constantly adding new features and integrations to make your life easier. We welcome suggestions and requests and questions and will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

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For Businesses

You and your team can manage your business, time, tasks, clients and books all in one easy-to-use system. And when tax time rolls around, simply print a report for your accountant and sit back and relax.

For Bookkeepers & Accountants

In addition to managing your business and team, bookkeepers and accountants can manage the books of multiple clients all in one simple account.

For Clients

You can allow your clients to have access via their own personalized portals. They can view the progress of their work, send you messages and, if they're a bookkkeeping client, view and manage their customer invoices.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Toki with other @Assist Solutions?

    Yes! Toki and our Property & Real Estate Management solution, called Sugu, can be used together or separately. And what's more, you can switch between software using the same account!

    Learn More About Sugu
  • Do I have to pay annually?

    No, by default payments are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. We do offer yearly payments by invoice for corporations.

    Contact us for Details
  • Where is @Assist located?

    @Assist is proudly made in Canada. Our head office is located in Edmonton, AB and we have a branch office in Tokyo, Japan. @Assist servers are located in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

    Learn More

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